A Beginner’s Guide To Hard Money Loans

A Beginner’s Guide To Hard Money Loans

The hard money borrowing option is getting loans through a private investor instead of the conventional methods such as banks. Going through successfully with the hard money loan option can be fast and easy if you know how to pick the right private investor. 

But not everyone has the experience to help them distinguish between the various loans offered through the hard money lending platforms. As a beginner, you should start by understanding what hard money loans are and their benefits and shortcomings. 

The Benefits of Hard Money Loans

Before opting for hard money loans, many users always wonder why it is essential in the first place. Here are some of its benefits.

• High Processing Speed  

Hard money lenders are majorly concerned with the collateral you’re offering and concentrate less on your credit score. This makes it easier for them to process your loan as fewer rules bind them.

• Highly Flexible  

Compared to traditional loan agreements, hard money agreements can be more flexible. Your lender will analyze your deal independently instead of using a standard underwriting procedure as banks do. 

• Fast Approvals  

You are more assured of quicker approvals with hard money lenders as they focus on your collateral. They are more willing to invest in projects and properties than other major financial institutions won’t. 

The Shortcomings of Hard Money Loans

While hard money promises many benefits, it is not a perfect borrowing option. Here is the common and serious shortcoming of using hard money you should be wary of when taking the loan.

• High Cost  

Hard money loans are associated with high costs. Mostly, hard money loans are short-term loans, and as such, they come with interest rates that are almost 10% higher than the normal mortgage interest rates. You may still be asked to pay origination fees of several points to get your money processed. 

Secure Your First Hard Money Loan Today

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