Commercial Real Estate Financing

Flexible Commercial Real Estate Financing Options for Your Business

At Diamond Capital Financing, we like to think outside the box. Instead of trying to squeeze your businesses into a certain mold, we think it’s best to offer you the maximum amount of loan options possible. Here are several popular commercial real estate financing options to get you started.

  • Small Business Loans: SBA loans are a great choice for commercial real estate financing. They offer incredibly low interest rates and generous repayment terms, along with significant flexibility when deciding the scope of your project. You can build a new headquarters, purchase existing real estate and expand your current location, among other options.
  • Conventional Loans: If your company doesn’t qualify for SBA financing, our conventional loans may be ideal for securing a commercial property in the perfect location for your business. Many owner-operated properties are a great fit for conventional loans.
  • Mezzanine and Equity Financing: Real estate developers and business owners looking for high-value downtown properties can count on our extensive experience and ample capital funding to purchase lucrative investment properties. From luxury condos to corporate buildings, our team can fund large projects using equity or mezzanine options.

Additional Loan Programs Include:

Bridge Loans

If you don’t have time to wait for long-term loan applications to go through, our bridge loans may be the ideal solution to secure an incredible piece of property. Bridge loans offer a balance of higher interest rates with far faster approval. That way you can close on excellent real estate while waiting for other financing to complete.

  • Loan amounts up to $100 million
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Closings from 5 days to 1 month
  • Accepted collateral: Commercial properties, raw land, and development projects
  • Variable interest as low as 9% depending on collateral
  • Available nationwide
  • International projects taken on a case-by-case basis

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit

Our lines of credit for property flippers feature:

  • Financing amounts from $500,000 up to $5 million
  • Up to 90% LTV for property acquisitions
  • Up to 95% LTV for renovations
  • Closings within 18 days
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • Low fixed interest rates
  • Lines of credit for 1 – 500+ properties
  • Available for condos, town houses, single family, and multifamily properties

Fix and Flip Loans

We offer fix and flip loans as well. Our fix and flip loans include:

  • Financing from $60,000 up to $10 million
  • Up to 85% LTV for property acquisitions
  • Up to 100% LTV for renovations
  • Closings in 10 – 17 days
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • Low interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Available for condos, town houses, single family, and multifamily properties

Our commercial real estate financing solutions can help you secure your ideal commercial property without putting a hardship on your company’s cash flow. To learn more, speak with our financial advisers right away.