Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing for Businesses Large and Small

At Diamond Capital Financing, we believe that every business deserves to have the best equipment. Of all the things you could invest capital into, business equipment is one of the smartest decisions possible. Whether your company relies on heavy machinery or high-tech systems, equipment pays back significant dividends. Our flexible equipment financing makes it easier than ever before to own these business essentials.

Equipment Financing Options for Large Companies

Even if your business is doing well financially, it’s a good idea to invest in continued growth. Expansion is often key to maintaining healthy cash flow, not just short term, but for decades. Equipment financing can drive expansion by increasing your company’s production capabilities and area of service.

By purchasing a new excavator or loader, for example, established construction businesses can take on additional work, maximizing profits before any winter slowdown arrives. Larger equipment can allow your business to take on projects that are larger, and more lucrative, than normal. The same thing goes for manufacturers who wish to expand with additional assembly lines or product offerings.

Here are the benefits of choosing our excellent financing options for equipment purchases:

  • Simplified application process for most loans
  • Middle-market and large-ticket financing options
  • Long repayment terms
  • Large capital sums
  • No down payment usually required
  • Fast approval process for all applications

We provide excellent interest rates on all loans, with the lowest rates for companies that have been in business for at least two years. Your company’s credit score is important, but you don’t need to worry about providing business assets as collateral.

Equipment Leases and Loans for Small Businesses and Startups

We’re honored to partner with small business owners in securing the best equipment. We also enjoy helping new businesses to get excellent equipment for business operations. Our equipment leasing programs offer a wide range of payment options and upgrade possibilities. This can help your business stay at the cutting edge of technology while minimizing the amount of working capital you need to invest.

Learn more about the benefits of equipment leasing and financing for your business by contacting our financial advisers right away.