Purchase Order Financing

Small Business Purchase Order Financing Services

Growing a small business presents both opportunities and challenges. Gaining new clients and larger orders means that your enterprise must have the resources to deliver. That’s where Diamond Capital Financing’s commercial funding solutions can help meet your goals. Whether you’re a wholesaler, reseller, distributor or producer, our purchase order financing ensures that your suppliers are paid so you maintain solid business relationships with your clients.

The Basics of P.O. Financing

Our P.O. financing is available for businesses dealing with imports, exports or domestic production. New startups and companies with cash flow issues can especially benefit since P.O. financing doesn’t incur long-term debt or impacts on business equity. Apply today and enjoy several great benefits upon approval:

  • Rapid and flexible funding
  • Ability to make on-time customer deliveries
  • Growth in market share

The process is simple: We pay your suppliers so that your goods ship, then collect payment directly from your customers. We then deduct our fees and send you the remaining balance. This simple and speedy funding method clears obstacles, allowing your business to grow.

Learn More and Apply Now

With our purchase order financing, your company’s in a better position to take on larger orders and new accounts. Our certified financial experts are ready to answer your questions and help you apply. Contact us today to get started.