Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit Even Without Established Revenue

At Diamond Capital Financing, we firmly believe that every business should have a line of credit. This financial tool offers such flexibility and protection against unexpected situations that it’s almost like having insurance for your company’s cash flow. To make it as easy as possible to qualify for our unsecured business lines of credit, we have programs specifically designed for startups.

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit for New Businesses

Even if your company hasn’t built up a solid revenue stream yet, we’re happy to help you qualify for business credit. This can give your startup a better foundation to work with. Instead of focusing on the new business’s credit history and balance information, we look at the personal credit of one of the owners or investment partners. As long as one of these individuals has trustworthy credit and valuable business management skills, it’s easy to qualify.

This can give your company access to incredible benefits:

  • Emergency funds
  • Capital to invest in business growth
  • Financing for larger inventory purchases
  • Money for hiring costs and payroll
  • Credit to stabilize cash flow
  • Source of capital for seasonal downturns

Of course, new companies aren’t the only ones that benefit from our amazing unsecured business lines of credit. Established businesses can qualify for even larger credit amounts and even lower interest rates. To learn more or apply today, contact our friendly team for assistance.