How To Build a Winning Landing Page

Your website is one of the strongest marketing tools at your company’s disposal. It’s important that the first page visitors access works for you. Landing pages have the ability to grab potential clients, or have them turning away without another thought. Since the landing page plays such a vital role to your company’s success, you’ll want to be sure you’re pulling out all the stops.

The first step in optimizing your landing pages for the conversion of clients is testing the page. This means you’ll be experimenting with what it is that attracts viewers, what makes them spend time there, and what entices them to do business with you. Once you’ve identified these key elements, you’ve got a successful landing page.

The most likely route your visitors are going to use to find your page is through a search engine. Search engines will look at your content, and if they find it to be legitimate, the search engines will index it to be found in search results. How high you end up in those results will be critical to being able to compete. Use keywords relevant to your business.

Once your target audience has found you, what will you do to keep them? This is where the testing will come in. Create headlines on your landing pages that are keyword rich and grab attention. The content should be engaging, informative, and to the point. Using bullet points will help organize the appearance and the readability.

Be sure to include graphics. They should be attractive, professional and clickable.

Simple landing pages are much more attractive than pages with busy layouts. A busy layout can be confusing and make it difficult to find the information the visitor seeks.

If they like you, they’ll respond to a call to action. Include a simple form so you can gather their contact information. If you ask for too much information, they are less likely to engage with it, so be sure to keep the required information at at minimum.

As you develop each of these pieces, you should make various versions of landing pages so you can gauge which formula gets the best response. It will take time to identify what formula has the highest percentage of conversions. Track each version of your landing page, using the same images on several versions, combined with different text and so forth. This will enable you to identify what pieces work best as you gather results.