Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business? Try Opening A Salon

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business? Try Opening A Salon

Starting a beauty salon can be a good investment. Planning ahead improves your chances of success. A well-thought-out plan describes your startup costs, financing, marketing, and clientele.

Startup Costs

A salon business requires a physical location from which to operate. You will need to rent or buy a building. If renting, budget for lease deposits. If buying, you may incur remodeling expenses. In either case, you will probably have to pay utility deposits and for communication services, and arrange signage.

Expect to pay for business licenses, permits, and insurance. You will have to purchase equipment and supplies. If you plan to sell products, stock up on inventory.


You may need to seek financing to pay for the startup expenses of your salon business. If your credit is good, you may be able to obtain an SBA loan. Otherwise, investigate alternative sources, such as a business line of credit. Suppliers and equipment vendors may offer financing options.


As a new salon business, you will need a marketing plan to attract your clientele. Make sure your salon appears in online directories and take time to monitor reviews. Participate in social media.

As you acquire clients, offer referral discounts. Establish loyalty and incentive programs. Talk to your clients about what they want and attempt to meet their requests.


Choosing where to locate your salon business affects the clientele you attract. They must be able to access your salon easily. The location should have adequate parking for those who drive and close to public transportation for those who don’t drive.

Locating your salon in a well-populated area helps your clients feel safe. Avoid choosing a location that’s too close to competitors. Price your services to fit the neighborhood and services offered, but don’t underprice yourself.

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