Tips for Building and Maintaining a Remote Team

Tips for Building and Maintaining a Remote Team

Having a remote team has been a major consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic for many enterprises. However, it is interesting to note that remote work has been on the rise in America since 2015. While some organizations used to selectively offer remote work, the world has now shifted. During the pandemic, many organizations have experienced the value and workability of remote teams and have envisioned permanent remote work arrangements.

Tips for Building and Maintaining a Remote Team

Since remote work may be a permanent change for many organizations, it is important to use these tips for building and maintaining a remote team.

Good communication is more important than ever. The old ways of connecting and communicating aren’t available in the “remote world” including stopping by one’s desk, leaving notes on a coworker’s seat, or shouting across the cubicles. Thus, it is important to communicate clearly, frequently, and consistently with your team. The avenues of communication shouldn’t be left to the impersonal means of email. Rather, video calls are more personal and more effective. There are many excellent video tools to use including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
Be sure to communicate transparently and openly share knowledge about company issues and updates, financial, and competitive information. This sharing will help people feel that they belong and that they matter.
Make sure your remote team members are properly resourced. Give them the tools that they need to accomplish their work.
Foster team spirit. That can include means for remote team members to chat and build rapport with one another, for example using services like Slack or Basecamp. Recognize people digitally. Send folks some company swag.
For remote team workers, it is important to set clear expectations and to track progress against company goals.

Don’t make the mistake of being too rigid or ignoring people’s struggles.

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